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Cuban architecture

Private restaurants (Paladares)

We are frequent visitors to Cuba, in this last visit private businesses discover new gastronomic specialties, do not usually eat at the hotel we chose almost always try different restaurants we visited private, to share our recent below EXPERIENCE.

So it has been with delight that visitors and residents of Havana have greeted the opening (and re-opening) of a cascade of dining options. This is also perhaps one of the most obvious and overt symbols of a new attitude to private enterprise within Cuba as a consequence of recent economic reforms. There is a new breed of paladar owner in town; young, motivated, dynamic and often with overseas experience. These (and they are mostly) young men have looked at the available space and concluded that owning a restaurant seems like the way to go. For other paladar owners opening up their own place might be the realisation of a dream to showcase their abilities in the kitchen, to find people to listen to their stories or simply to be independent working for themselves.

In some cases the paladares are not really new but have taken advantage of the new legislation to come out of the closet so to speak or at least to get rid of the obligatory family members and hire a proper team of staff.
The quality is mixed and different places offer different things. The difference is generally less on the food than on the ambience.
We notice bad food; good food though lets you simply appreciate the place. What we like most is that each paladar is unique and in many cases they reflect the personality of the owner/manager.

We would like to share some of the new paladares with you

In the neighborhood of Miramar

. El Patio de Gustavo (Somewhere to avoid.)

.El Carruaje (Acceptable)

.La Campana (With an extensive and varied menu)

In the neighborhood of Vedado.

.D12(Is sparkly new and worth a look once they get settled)

.La Moraleja(To be avoided)

.Los Tres Mosquiteros(To be avoided)

.Habaname(Informal snack)

.Punto G ( Ideal for light food)

.Decameron (Very good)

.Atelier(It is an exquisite blend of austere and simple decor with distinctive architecture of the ancient house of Vedado,with intersting cuisine)

.Café Laurent (Professional and efficient mixing with an excellent view and a cozy atmosphere)

. Castas y Tal(Delicious healthy food and organic)

Old Havana neigbordhood

.Doña Eutimia  (Near the cathedral square with all the charm of the old houses, but make sure you are not in a hurry)

.La Moneda Cubana (Is a nice place especially for a romantic date, the food is nothing special)

Central Havana neighbordhood

.San Cristobal (Recently opened, the food is great but the service is not very fast so be sure to go with time) 




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