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Tortuga Floating Hotel

The large double decker floating hotel

While you are  guest in Jardines de la Reina, accommodations are provided primarily on 3 large live-aboard boats or on the original 110-foot double deck houseboat, the Tortuga. The Tortuga functions as a floating hotel with seven guest cabins that accommodate two anglers each. The Tortuga is a massive, steel houseboat that is permanently secured in a small, protected channel of a big island, so that it never moves, regardless of bad weather or wind. It is extremely stable and level at all times so there is never any chance of guests getting seasick.

Tortuga was refurbished again in 2008 this was a major rebuild with a total cost of 1.5 million Usd. The guest cabins on the upper level all have their own bathroom with sink and toilet and a good shower with plenty of hot water. Each cabin has its own easily adjustable air-conditioning system. On the lower level you will find the large air conditioned dining room along with both a foredeck and afterdeck, chairs and tables that are perfect for setting up your tackle, tying flies or relaxing after a day of fishing. There are plenty of rod racks as well as good facilities for washing and cleaning your tackle after a day of fishing. The foredeck is everyone’s favorite place to enjoy appetizers like pizza and your favorite beverage before dinner. A great spot to kick back, and relax, enjoy that perfect mojito, or smoke a great Cuban cigar while swapping tales of the day’s fishing.

Dining on board combines the flair of the best Continental Italian cuisine, wonderful fresh seafood every day and traditional Cuban favorites like rice and beans, black bean soup and fried bananas. Beverages available on board include bottled water, Mineral and Tonic water, various soft drinks, beer, rum and excellent wines. If you prefer liquor other than rum, you can bring this with you and the bartender will have whatever mixers you need.

Electricity on board is supplied by generators located on a small island nearby and is available twenty-four hours a day. We have many outlets on board that provide both 110 and 220V. We have a satellite Wireless connection making communication with the outside world easy and free for our guests. You can use your laptop in our dining room at any time or in the cabins using our Avalon Hot Spot network as long as you have wireless capability with your laptop or other device.

Daily routine:
Fishing hours are totally at the discretion of the clients, unlike many other lodges. The fishing day normally begins with breakfast at 7:00am, and guides are ready to go fishing from 7: 45am on. Many anglers elect to return to the Tortuga for a nice lunch especially during the summer season. Some of the flats are within fifteen minutes of the boat, and it is always nice to take a lunch break in the shade and relax a bit before fishing a long afternoon.

On other days you will want to explore more distant flats that see little fishing pressure, you need to request box lunches for yourself and your guide the evening before. You can run as far as you like with our guides to the most distant flats in the island system, as there is no  limitation on gas used each day. Guides will know to bring extra gas when they need it.  In the Jardines, it is common to have stronger wind in the mornings but then later in the afternoon it will often be calm making for superb late afternoon and evening fishing, especially for bonefish.

In Jardines de la Reina, the season is year round, with no service in September to mid-October. A normal week includes five full days of fishing and one to two half days depending on your schedule and mode of transportation to Jucaro, our port for the Jardines de la Reina archipelago.


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  • Contact information: www.cubanfishingcenters.com,www.cubandivingcenters.com,www.cubandivingcenters.ru
  • Company: Avalon
  • Location: Jardines de la Reina
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9 Comments about “ Tortuga Floating Hotel ”

  1. MATT said... :

    Better than any hotel!!!!!!!!!!!!!,the bar provided good service exellent fish and seafood fresh, well cooked we are in the midlle of the sea but we can acces internet and many facilities ,exellents divings instructors, It was wonderful .

  2. Sandra said... :

    I like the silence of the ocean, I like to fish in the midlle of the sea this is the best place for it , the staff are helpfull and polite, food are amazing yummyyyyyyyyy nice lobster!!!!!!!! confortable best place for diving

  3. Lamar said... :

    The diving was AMAZING! Over the next 4 dives we saw 2 wrecks, trumpetfish, puffer fish, sea slugs, loads of tropical fish, cowfish, the list goes on and on! we were most happy with the service and experience that we received . They all went out of the way to make sure that we were happy and safe while we were diving. They were also most attentive. All you have to do is make sure that you check and double check your equipment before entering the water.

  4. slow said... :

    Exellent seafood,very good staff, I have vivid recollections of us patrolling among the mangroves, observing cruising tarpon and putting “delicate” casts in front of them, very nice place!!!

  5. Bart said... :

    I had 6 full days of fishing at Jardines de la Reina. Keko was an exceptional guide and after the first afternoon, Suli (maid) arranged for a learner guide to accompany us each day. This was a perfectly satisfactory arrangement as the learner was able to learn from Keko but also provided company for him. The guides can communicate fishing stuff perfectly well .Food was fresh exellent

  6. Fish said... :

    We fished for a number of other species and caught some very nice barracuda, jack cravelle and snapper (the guides were very happy to take these home for supper). Generally speaking the tarpon that I saw and caught at Jardinas were about 30 to 40 lbs although I was told that the Finns lost a few of about 100lbs

  7. lizz said... :

    The hotel is a luxury yacht ( La Tortuga) anchored in the middle of the Queens Garden.

  8. Moreshi said... :

    Exellent staff ,thanks to Fausto,Noel,Gualberto,exellent fresh and taste seafood I can´t wait to go again, Oslaidys nice maid we take nice pictures underwater with Noel.

  9. Patrik said... :

    We stay one night in havana nice experience havana night,in the mornig very early we go to the jARDINES DE LA REINA,we enjoy every minute of our stay with very profesional staff, very quite place and nice food.

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