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AVALON FLEET I Lifeaboard Cruise

New exclusive destination, personalized service in the Gardens of the Queen

Avalon Fleet I is an intimate, comfortable and stylishly designed yacht, where each space is created to provide its guests with maximum comfort and safety. The atmosphere was conceived and designed to provide our guests with an experience of a lifetime.

Its overall capacity is 16 passengers (maximum of 8 anglers) and 8 crew members. The design and interior decoration give the yacht a touch of purity, intimacy, refinement, sense of warmth and simplicity, with a perfect balance between substantial exploration capabilities and a unique and noble style. It guarantees all guests a pleasant, exciting and exclusive voyage through Jardines de la Reina.

The Mother ship’s cabins have been built with extreme care, emphasizing the importance of comfort and safety above all else. You`ll also find an exquisite décor and refined taste, so you definitely won`t miss anything from home. You`ll also feel our warm and attentive service during your trip.

There are 8 deluxe king cabins, with 7 private bathrooms, with air conditioning and heat controls, electricity plugs, as well as storage in drawers. Each room has panoramic windows to enjoy the breathtaking view on the Caribbean beaches.

There is a spacious and comfortable combination lounge, dining room and bar area in the boat deck. This is where you would do much of your socializing and eat your meals. The setting is casual and filled with fun and entertainment. In this area you can find a swimming pool, DVD’s and music to complement your stay.

In cabins and common areas there are electric sockets available for you to plug in your personal items (220 volts and 110 volts).

The Avalon Fleet I is heaven on earth. We offer queen size beds, hot tub, lounge to make you feel at home with excellent visual/audio equipment and of course the amazing Cuban gastronomy that we will treat you to throughout your entire stay, served with international wines and local liquors and desserts.

After savoring each gastronomic adventure kick back and enjoy a wide variety of cigars that can be found on board to accompany drinks of your choice, prepared by our bartenders.


AVALON FLEET I Lifeaboard Cruise 9.3 de 10 from 4 reviews
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  • Contact information: www.cubanfishingcenters.com,www.cubandivingcenters.com,www.cubandivingcenters.ru
  • Company: Avalon
  • Location: beach
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4 Comments about “ AVALON FLEET I Lifeaboard Cruise ”

  1. Photo said... :

    Nice staff ,very good conditions to explore the shallow reefs and walls lined with colourful sponges, corals and tropical fish.Also it is very confortable ,Absolutely beautiful spot though, likely the most pristine nature and most virgin diving available

  2. Mick said... :

    Their rooms are nicely conditioned and were kept nicely clean ,the food was better than we thought my bf loved their lobster, and i liked their breakfast, and vegetarian selection of food, everything was flavourful. There is definitely something for everyone.the beach was beautiful, and the water was clear…great for beach lounging and snorkeling there are corals in the first few metres, but all you do is swim over it and you reach nice soft sand

  3. James 41 said... :

    Great service.The food was really good, all fresh, delicious food. Loads of fruit, many types of fish, shrimp, lobster twice in the week, pork, beef the list goes on. Loads of salad items and many types of rice dishes

  4. Joel said... :

    The rooms were great .The staff were always super nice. I felt very comfortable and pleased with all the services.

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