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Halcón Lifeaboard Cruise

The Halcon is seventy-Five feet in length, it is powered with two GM 450 hp diesel engines. Below decks you will find six cabins with private bathrooms. It is perfect for groups of eight to ten anglers. The ability of the Halcon to travel allows anglers to fish the more remote parts of the Jardines de la Reina, and explore flats where the fish have rarely seen anglers and are easier to catch. But best of all is that anglers on the Halcon get in a lot more quality fishing time each day. You are minutes away from many of the very best flats so there is far less running time in the skiffs and more fishing time for everyone. Since you are fishing flats that are often ten minutes from were the Halcon is anchored this makes it very pleasant to come back to eat a wonderful lunch aboard and then even catch a little nap before heading back to the flats. Since the run back to the Halcon in the evening is short, it allows anglers to fish very late, almost until dark. Since it is often calm late in the day, it is always easy to find and catch some very large bonefish that become a lot easier to fool once the sun starts to go down.

All of the Halcon cabins have excellent A/C, comfortable beds and a surprising amount of storage space for your clothing and gear. ?Good showers with plenty of hot water make things comfortable at the end of a long fishing day. On the main deck is a large salon, which is fully air-conditioned with comfortable couches making it the perfect place to relax with a cocktail, before dinner. The salon is equipped with a TV, DVD and a good sound system that allows people to either watch movies or for anglers to hook up their video cameras and have fun watching the exciting fishing videos shot by their friends earlier that day.

The Captain on the Halcon has many good protected spots in the island system that make for a perfect anchorage yet are close to some of the very best fishing flats. Cachi Boca is one of the best, about twenty miles or so East of the Tortuga. Here is positioned the Halcon, in the well-protected back bay of a large channel. In selected spots like this it is easy to keep the yacht far enough from mangrove islands to eliminate any bug problems, and in a spot where there is little more than a chop on the water even with hard wind. Avalon tries to maximize angler comfort and eliminate any problems with seasickness. The gentle rocking and rolling you experience will lull you to sleep at the end of a long day.

Meals are usually served on the afterdeck where there is normally a nice breeze. In inclement weather the afterdeck is easily and quickly enclosed with heavy roll down clear plastic windows. In more severe weather the air conditioned salon is utilized for our dining room.

Chefs on the Halcon have always been excellent. The day starts out with a hearty breakfast. Lunch is just right- with delicious lobster and pasta salads along with sandwiches of your choice. Dinners are primarily seafood- fresh fish every day provided by the crew.


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  • Company: Avalon
  • Contact information: www.cubanfishingcenters.com,www.cubandivingcenters.com,www.cubandivingcenters.ru
  • Location: Beach
  • Price: from 1765 USD (€1390)
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4 Comments about “ Halcón Lifeaboard Cruise ”

  1. D18 said... :

    The staff has been extremely courteous, accomodating, and welcoming. The service was outstanding and prompt.

  2. Davidjeane said... :

    Food really good and a lot of choice,was and excellent time to get away and relax, the staff are always friendly and helpfull. They work very hard to make your stay a comfortable and enjoyable one.

  3. JHU 645 said... :

    We found the whole holiday the most relexing we have ever had,the food was great we found something to eat every day that we liked, and there is plenty to choose,the beach will blow your mind its so clean and the sea is as blue as the sky .

  4. STU said... :

    The service was exceptional as it always is, and they did their best to accommodate everyone ,they offers alot to travelers and is worth every penny! The service you get from everyone is enough to keep anyone coming back!!

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