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Explore Cuba’s Coral Reefs on 60 Minutes

Special Announcement!
THIS SUNDAY: The Ocean Doctor and Anderson Cooper
Explore Cuba’s Coral Reefs on 60 Minutes
60 Minutes
Sunday, December 18th, 2011
7pm Eastern/Pacific (after football)
60 Minutes - CBS
Anderson Cooper                                                     and David E.                                                     Guggenhehim in                                                     Jardines de la                                                     Reina,                                                     Cuba
The Gardens of the Queen - ”60 Minutes” cameras take viewers on an underwater adventure off the Cuban coast to one of the world’s most pristine and vibrant coral reefs. But as Anderson Cooper reports, reefs like these are already dying and could disappear someday if mankind isn’t more careful. Andy Court and Anya Bourg are the producers.
Ocean Doctor’s Areas of Focus:Conducting and disseminating leading-edge research to identify and map important marine ecosystems, especially coral ecosystems, in order to inform strong conservation policies.

Building strong international partnerships for marine research and conservation, with special emphasis on Cuba and the Gulf of MexicoAdvancing sustainable aquaculture and the use of next-generation land-based recirculating aquaculture systems in order to reduce pressure on wild fish stocks and provide a sustainable alternative that supports local communities.

Educating, inspiring and involving the public through strong outreach, education, radio and TV presence, visual media and leading-edge Web and social media technologies, while working to improve the quality, breadth and impact of environmental education.
These efforts are projects of The Ocean Foundation, the fiscal sponsor of our work.
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