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Caballones Lifeaboard Cruise

Excellent yacht angling adventure, ideal for groups of six to eight.

The guides stay on aboard the Caballones during the week, in the crew quarters, near the bow of the boat. This ensures the privacy and comfort of  guests on board, while ensuring as flexible a fishing schedule as possible. By having the guides and skiffs travel with the Caballones, this gives the ability to cruise around the huge islands system in order to find the best fishing. This is the key to the popularity of the Caballones and other live-aboard yachts. The yacht is ideal for a group of 6 to 8 anglers, with three to four guides and their skiffs, available at all times.

The Caballones is one of our superb yachts located in the pristine Jardines de la Reina eco system. The yacht is ideally suited for those guests who want to try all kind of fishing techniques, from fly fishing to spin fishing, trolling along the reef and bottom fishing.

Daily Routine:
As with other yachts, the fishing hours are totally at the discretion of the clients. Regular fishing day usually begins with breakfast at 7:00am, and  guides will be ready to depart for fishing from 7:45 am on. Most of the flats you will fish are within fifteen minutes of the yacht, and it is always nice to take a lunch break in the comfort and shade, back on board the boat. Relaxing for an hour or so before fishing the long afternoons, especially during the warm summer season, is always a good idea. Lunches on board Caballones are particularly good, while more limited in fare when making up box lunches for a full day on the water. Many of the more remote flats can produce outstanding fishing and  guides will suggest the evening before that you pack a lunch and stay out all day in order to access some of the more distant flats and estuaries .
Clients can fish late into the evening if they like, since it is usually only a short run to get back to the Caballones. In Jardines, the morning winds often calm down in the afternoons, and fishing in the late afternoon can be superb, especially for bonefish. There is never a daily gasoline limitation for  guides, so you can run longer distances to fish remote flats, especially on those days when you opt to stay out all day.

Fishing weeks on board the yachts run from Saturday to the following Friday. The season in the Jardines de la Reina is from mid-October to end of August. A normal week includes five full days of fishing and one to two half days depending on your schedule and mode of transportation to Jucaro. Clients board the yachts, Sol or Mares, for the trip to the Jardines de la Reina, where they will then board the Caballones.


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  • Company: Avalon
  • Contact information: www.cubanfishingcenters.com,www.cubandivingcenters.com,www.cubandivingcenters.ru
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4 Comments about “ Caballones Lifeaboard Cruise ”

  1. Milos said... :

    The staff were very efficient throughout our stay,food amazing seafood fresh well cooked,Generally a good break and very restful which is what we were looking for.

  2. Advertise said... :

    Food was good overall quality and variety they have the best coffee in the world! ,The yacht is confortable very nice and profesional staff

  3. lila said... :

    Great and helpful staff,special thanks to our guide divers Gualberto and Noel .

  4. Fast said... :

    Exellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great staff

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