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Curiosities, Rare reptil found in Moa

A rare specimen of a reptile called Culebrita de cuatro patas (Four leg snake), that was found by accident in the eastern municipality of Moa, was marked as a jewel for the Cuban fauna by MSc Alejandro Fernandez, from the Unit of Natural Resources in the city of Holguin.

The finding was disclosed by the Center of Investigations and Environmental and Technological Services of the Holguin branch of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA form its Spanish acronym).

The identification work on such rare case allowed local experts place it into the Diploglossus nigropunctatus Barbour and Shreve class, which was classified in 1937 and that three of these species live in Cuba.

This type of reptile of the order Squamata, of the suborder Saurian, is restricted to very limited areas, and can be found from the municipality of Gibara (Holguin province) to Maisi (Guantanamo province), Alejandro Fernandez told the AIN news agency.

Fernandez added that as for the other two four leg snakes, one lives in the southeastern province of Granma and that the other one is found in Pinar del Rio and Holguin, all what turns very complex due to the fact they are nocturnal animals.

In the case of the specimen found by accident at the Center of Nickel Investigations in Moa becomes a true unique event, both for its location and unexpected presence.

Fernandez also said that this species should not be taken by a shape like reptile – the Lagartija de Hojarasca (a lizard by the scientific name of Mabuya brachypoda), an endemic specimen only found in the vicinity of Cabo Cruz, in Granma, that is a living fossil called Cricosaura tipyca.

The specialist praised as well the interest by many people in the protection of the natural resources in Moa, who reported such interesting finding to the provincial scientific authorities.

Moa dweller Melaneo Maden, the inspiration of the Ecoarte educational project that has made significant contributions to the environment improvement in Moa, considered that the appearance of the Four paw snake is a symbol of the present debt with nature, at times of the World Environment. Source: AIN / Translated by Radio Angulo.

Posted: Mónica Rodríguez Acosta

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