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Cuban architecture

Marqués de Prado Ameno Hotel

Marqués de Prado Ameno Hotel 6.7 de 10 from 2 reviews
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Rating: 6.7/10 (1 vote cast)
  • Address/ Phone Numb: O´Relly St. & Cuba. Habana Vieja /+( 53 7)862 4127
  • Category:
  • Company: Habaguanex
  • Rooms: 16
  • Location: City
  • Price: from 51 USD (€40)
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2 Comments about “ Marqués de Prado Ameno Hotel ”

  1. london said... :

    lovely and full of character, but they overbook the rooms and for one night of your stay you’ll be paying top dollar for a nasty, out of town, corporate place where they send you pretending there is “no water” or “no electricity” at theirs. It happened to us and several other people during our stay.

  2. changes said... :

    nice place but unfriendly staff, food are not good poor and small rations, our room are goodand clean

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