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Havana original Sloppy Joe’s bar reopens after nearly 50 years

Slop barThe Sloppy Joe’s Bar that was in their time one of the more converged and appreciated facilities of their type, and that it is located in the corner of Zulueta and Anímas in the Old Havana, it began to be reformed as part of the restoration project of the Historical Centre of Havana City.
The restoration project of the mythical Sloopy Joe’s of Havana is a great news for bar and cocktail lovers of the whole world. The project will be executed with much care and intelligence to reopen the bar with all its splendor, just as it used to be. Soon, we will be able to enter there as Alec Guinness did in “Our man in Havana” and will be able to have a sip at the amazing mahogany drinks cabinet, opposite the large windows.

It’s part of an ambitious revitalization project by the Havana City Historian’s Office, which since the 1990s has transformed block after block of crumbling ruins into rehabilitated buildings along vibrant cobblestone streets.

The effort has helped finance Cuba’s socialist present by drawing tourists fascinated by its pre-socialist past, from colonial palaces of the 18th century to celebrity hangouts of the 1950s.

“For the people of this city, I think it’s very interesting and very important to rescue a place that has so much history and is so recognized around the world,” said Ernesto Iznaga, manager of the born-again Joe’s, which will be run by state-owned tourism concern Habaguanex. “To restore it to how it was before.”

Posted: Mónica Rodríguez Acosta

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