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Exhibition. “Mariano Rodríguez: Vuelo y arraigo.”

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Arte Cubano, Zulueta street, Old Havana .
The new exhibition sheds light on little known aspects of the painter’s work on his 100th anniversary

Havana.-A hundred years after Mariano Rodriguez’s birth, specialists continue to reveal little known angles of his iconography and his thematic universe, which are amazing according to critics.

Mariano Rodríguez: Vuelo y arraigo, is the title of this exhibition that will open shortly in the Cuban Art building of the Fine Arts Museum to mark the occasion of the 100th anniversary of this renowned Cuban painter.

The exhibition shows the work of the artist between 1950 and 1965, when Mariano came up with his own, extraordinary solutions to the impact abstract had in his work.

His works also show a unique realism born from a didactic, evocative symbolism able to trasmit an energy turned into irradiation, birth and premonition.

This tribute to Mariano, the man who painted the rooster, the splendid nudes, the pictorial masses full of indomitable spirits, the Mariano that would wake up before the break of dawn to dream the creatures he would paint later in vibrant, striking colours, returns to be appreciated by art lovers.

Source: Radio Metropolitana

Edited by Lídice Valenzuela

Translated by ESTI

Posted: Mónica Rodríguez Acosta

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