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Enjoy your Meal, Federación de Asociaciones Asturianas de Cuba

    I would like to show you today the Federation of Asturian Associations inCuba, in the very heart ofPrado StreetinHavana, who those with gray hair knew under the name of American Club.


Prado # 309 corner to Virtudes,Old   Havana.


(0537) 864 1447 

(0537) 862 3626 

Right at the front door, the majesty of the building, full of history and flavors, impresses us.  We immediately run into the Asturias Bar-Restaurant (Cuban 21st century cuisine), recently remodeled, with fresh and bold touches in a decoration where green and purple prevail, thus achieving a serene environment in which to savor the terrific culinary options served in the place. Every course is gourmet decorated, with abundant portions garnished with white rice, season salad and some marvelous black beans that incited me to ask Chef José Rey Hernández Díaz (Pepe) about the magic of his recipe.

Not only did Pepe reveal the secret of his black beans, but he proudly showed us all the options of his culinary complex. That was how we glimpsed the Bar Asturias, endowed with an ambiance that took us back to the sixties, with cushions and easy chairs in the most daring colors and combinations. At night, cocktails are accompanied by live music from musical groups like Aceituna sin Hueso and Pablo FG and you may be there until the early morning; it closes at 6 a. m


        We then went to the top floor where there is another restaurant,La Terraza, which offers a charming setting with white wickerwork furniture, cushions of various colors, plants and a unique view. The smell of the charcoal-grilled meat, fish and seafood, cooked right under your eyes, pleasing your whims, complete the excellence of the place.

Do not miss the enjoyable experience offered by this colossal gastronomic complex which, in a near future, will open premises for smokers and other surprises.

Posted: Mónica Rodríguez Acosta.

Photos  &  Article:  Mónica Rodríguez Acosta.

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