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Enjoy your coffee

 If you are one of those who enjoy the smell of coffee early in the morning, if that first cup cheers you up for a long working day, I invite you to take your family by the hand, early any Sunday morning, and in very light and comfortable clothes walk down the Plaza Vieja (the Old Square). Go to one of its corners and you will find Café Escorial, flooded in aromas. There you can witness the entire process of toasting and grounding this precious bean which is then wrapped in gray paper (no nylon bags) to preserve its essence.

With the noise of children running and playing on the square, you can placidly enjoy a cup of first class coffee, with semi-dark body and toasting. The carte is full of recipes and daring variations made with coffee: sweets, sponge cakes and pies made by skilled chefs, together with juices, soft drinks, several types of sandwiches and various options for vegetarians.

The decoration of the place is simple and nice: large wooden windows, copper utensils, wicker baskets, unpainted walls with bricks contrasting with glass shelves showing a collection of handicraft coffee makers.

A very high prop dispels heat. Ventilated and open, Café Escorial invites you to sit comfortably and enjoy a peeping hot, bitter, strong, marvelous cup of coffee.

Article: Mónica Rodríguez Acosta

Photo: Mónica Rodríguez Acosta

Posted: Mónica Rodríguez Acosta

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