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Cuban architecture

Moving around

Unfortunately, getting about using public transport can be major undertaking and the same holds true for the other cities on the island. On the other hand, there are plenty of taxis as well as the cocotaxis (may be found in Havana), which offer a safe and fast way of getting around town.

Taxis: Certainly the safest and most confortable way of getting about Havana is by taxi. There are many cars bearing the word “taxi”, but not all of they are authorized to pick up tourists. Official taxis can be recognized easily because they are new and well –kept confortable and almost always have air conditioning. All have blue color license or number plates. Avoid illegal taxis. Taxis can be summoned by phone or hailed in the street.

CocoTaxis: An original means of transport for tourists is the cocotaxi, an egg-shaped yellow scooter that can carry two passengers as well as the driver. It costs more or less the same as a taxi, but has no meter. It is very useful for short rides.

Horse-Drawn vehicle: In Habana Vieja it is possible to go on an enjoyable sightseeing tour in horse-drawn carriages- perfectly restored old carts or Colonial style carriages, quite unlike those used by Cubans outside town. These horse-drawn vehicles are not exactly cheap, but can be a picturesque way of moving around the city.

Rickshaws: A more environmentally friendly but slower alternative to taxis is to use a rickshaw, or bicitaxi, as they are known in Cuba. These are used by Cubans and tourists for short rides in the center. They circulate mostly in Habana Vieja, or can be found outside hotel entrances.

Hop on & Hop off coaches “Tour bus”: These are double deck, red predominant color, open top coaches which can be seen rounding some cities. Tickets serve all day long and can be used for different lines from 9:00 am till 9:00 pm.

Viazul coaches: The company provides transport to main cities, towns and tourist resorts in Cuba.

There is a variety of taxis, car rental offices and buses. There are 17 airports and an extensive highway and freeway nets that link almost all the regions of the country.
There are also other services such as charters and air-taxis, as well as railroad and bus services.

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