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Cuban architecture

Santiago de Cuba Outskirts

Sierra Maestra

Santiago de Cuba Outskirts

Many of the attractions interested to be seen outside Santiago lie to the east.. Cool and fresh ,the accessible mountains of Sierra de la Gran Piedra make an excellente break from the harsh city heat, and the giant Gran Piedra itself is a fine lookout. Several colonial coffee plantations in the mountains where is placed the little visited Museum Isabélica which overlooks the Botanical Garden, with a great display of tropical flowers.

Spaning the east coast is the Gran Parque Natural Baconao, where is a vast collection of becahes and other touristic attractions.

Places to go:

  • Gran Piedra Lookout
  • Baconao Park
  • Isabélica Museum
  • Botanical garden
  • Siboney Beach
  • Daiquirí Beach
  • Prehistory Valley
  • Cazonal Beach
  • Verraco Artistic Community
  • Baconao Aquarium
  • Baconao Lagoon
  • Chivirico Village (West side of Santiago)
  • Mar Verde Beach (West side of Santiago)
  • Bueycabón Beach (West side of Santiago)
  • Sevilla Beach (West side of Santiago)
  • Virginia Beach (West side of Santiago)
  • Chivirico Beach (West side of Santiago)

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