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Cuban architecture

Pinar del Río City

Pinar del Río Cathedral Pinar del Río City is just 174 km (108 miles) from Havana.  The architecture in its historic center is eclectic, and its low houses in gentle colors, whose porches seem to form an endless gallery, have great charm. On the outskirts of the city, modern buildings break its horizontal lines.

Pinar del Río City

The city is well placed in relation to a number of more alluring destinations, particularly Viñales, just 25 km to the North but also María la Gorda and the beaches Boca de Galafre and Playa Bailén to the South. Although there is a fair amount of traffic and activity on the streets, the city gives the impression of being geographically isolated.

Places to go:

  • Natural Science Museum ” Tranquilino Sandalio de Noda”
  • Cigar Factory  “Frabcisco Donatién”
  • Rumayor Cabaret

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