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Cuban architecture

Matanzas City

Matanzas Sauto Theatre

Matanzas City

Matanzas, the biggest city in the province of the same name and its capital, is located on the northern shore of the island of Cuba, on the Bay of Matanzas, 90 km east from Havana and 32 km west of the resort town of Varadero.The city owns a port with a large, deep harbor, it exports sugar, fruits, and sisal. Industries in the city include sugar refineries and textile mills.

Matanzas is located on the turnpike between Havana and Varadero Beach, and is a popular stopover for vacationers, who explore the picturesque Yumurí River valley and the caves of Bellamar, famous for their calcite crystal formations. Founded in 1693, it was once a pirate haven but by the early 19th cent. had become Cuba’s second city, mainly because of the growth of the sugar industry. As the industry moved eastward, the city’s importance declined. Matanzas remains an important cultural center for the area

Matanzas is called the city of bridges, of which there are seventeen crossing the three rivers that traverse the city (Rio Yumuri, San Juan, and Canímar). For this reason it was referred to as the “Venice of Cuba.” It was also called “La Atenas de Cuba” (the Athens of Cuba) for the many renowned artists and intellectuals it has produced, particularly during 19th Century. The birthplace of Cuba´s firsth newspaper as well as the country´s national dance, EL Danzón.

Places to go:

  • Parque de la Libertad (Liberty Park)
  • Pharmaceutical Museum Triolet
  • San Carlos Borromeo Cathedral
  • La Vigía Square
  • Sauto Theatre
  • Provincial Museum
  • Ermita de Monserrate Ruins
  • Matanzas Bridges
  • Canímar River
  • Bellamar Caves
  • Yumurí Valley
  • Tropicana

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