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Cuban architecture

Las Tunas City

Las Tunas The capital of Las Tunas province is the city of the same name which lies 662 km east of Havana. The city, originally named Las Tunas was, in 1869, renamed Victoria de las Tunas, a title given it by its Spanish governor to commemorate a colonial victory over the Cubans. The name reverted to plain Las Tunas in 1895, following the battle in which the Cubans finally took back the city.

These days Las Tunas is a centre for trade in the production of sugar and chemicals.

Vicente Garcia, an important personality of the Guerra de Los Diez Años (Ten Years War), and president of the Republic during the war, was born in the center of this city, the only one burned three times by the mambises during the independing wars. That is the reason why nowadays we can only see the remnants of what was the Spanish Cavalry Quarter, and why the original colonial architecture has vanished to give way to the eclectic and art-deco styles it shows todays

Places to go:

  • Vicente García Park
  • Mayor General Vicente García Provincial Museum
  • Plaza Martiana de las Tunas ( Square)
  • Mártires de Barbados Memorial

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