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Holguín Northern Coast

Guardalavaca Guardalavaca, Playa Esmeralda Beaches & Cayo Saetia

Close to 50 beaches in Holguin’s Province cover 40 km of coastline. Very intimate, they are among the most pictoresque beaches in the Caribbean and have a warm turquoise water that is very calm, thanks to the protection offered by nearby coral reefs. They are bordered by thick vegetation which is typical for thisprovince, which has 12 wildlife refuges.

Guardalavaca Beach: Is a shell-shaped and over  a km long. It is near several sites of great archeological and natural interest.

Esmeralda Beach: Which is over 900 meters long, is protected by extensive coral reefs, escarpments, cliffs and lush vegetation that provides shade. The area also contains Pesquero Beach, rich in underwater scenery and good fishing spots; Don Lino, a beautiful beach which blends open spaces, architecture and the world of nature in perfect harmony; and Blanca (White) Beach, another site with very fine sand and unbelievably beautiful water near Cayo Bariay, the place where Christopher Columbus first set food on Cuban soil.

Esmeralda and Guardalavaca Beaches, which have great hotel infrastructure, share an offshore area around 18 km long which contains 40 scuba diving sites. The seabed is irregular and complex, forming high hillocks, caves, small valleys and cliffs with vertical sides which in some places descend gently to form terraces covered with Common Sea Fans (Gorgonia spp.), other Gorgonians and coral. Many species of colorful fish live there. Activities at Playa Esmeralda Beach include swimming, sailing lessons, scuba diving, snorkling, other water sports, horseback riding, excursions along the coast and inland, visits to farmer’s houses, miniature golf, tennis and cycling. At night, choose among the discoteque and other attractions.

Cayo Saetia: To the east, near the broad Bay of Nipe, is 42 square km in size, and 65 percent of it is covered with forests. The rest of its territory concists of meadows where American ostriches, antilope, zebras, deer, wild boars, hutias and wild bulls roam at will. It has accommodations of its own. Activities include swimming, yachting and going on safaris in jeeps or horseback.

Places to go:

  • Gibara City
  • Chorro de Maita Museum
  • Guardalavaca Bech
  • Las Brisas Beach
  • Esmeralda Beach
  • Cayo Naranjo Aquarium

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