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Cuban architecture


Cienfuegos is the smallest province in Cuba with an economy almost entirely dedicated to the growing and processing of sugar. Sugar mills and sugarcane plantations dot the landscape. This one of the country´s most industrilized zone with clusters of chimney stacks and factories, including a nuclear power plant, gather around the Bahía de Jagua.

There are waterfalls in the sierra of the province.Scuba diving off Cienfuegos province is extremely popular both with tourists and locals. There are numerous underwater caves, and well over 50 dive sites in the province.

The provinces of Cienfuegos, Sancti Spíritus, and Villa Clara were once all part of the now defunct province of Santa Clara.

Places to go:

  • CITY´S HISTORIC CENTER: Declared a National Monument, it has numerous sites to visit, the Tomás Terry theatre.
  • PALACIO DE VALLE: A splendid construction, of Moorish style.
  • REINA CEMENTERY: Now a National Monument, it is considered a true museum of funeral art.
  • THE BOTANICAL GARDEN: Considered as one of the richest of its kind in the American continent for its collections of fichus and palms, has more than 2000 plants representing 670 species and 125 families most of them arboreal.
  • EL NICHO: This marvelous natural site rises 500 meters above sea level with a beautiful landscape in sight one enters the adventure of El Nicho, amid waterfalls, caves, natural lakes and paths.
  • MARTIN FIERRO CAVE: Inside this cave rises a 67 meter high satalagmite-Cuba´s tallest and one of the tallest in Latin America.
  • GUAJIMICO: The mouth of the Jutia River, the Caribbean sea and the surrounding mountains come together to make a marvelous quiet spot, ideal for swimming sun tanning and diving.

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