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Cuban architecture


Camaguey Placed between Ciego de Ávila to the west and Las Tunas to the east, Camagüey is Cuba´s largest province. The major economic activities are cattle raising (practiced there since the early colonial period), the cultivation of sugarcane, and the production of chromite. Meatpacking, pineapple canning, and other agricultural processing are also industries.

Camagüey is mostly low lying, with no major hills or mountain ranges passing through the province. Numerous large cays characterize the southern coasts, while the northern coast is lined by Jardines del Rey of the Sabana-Camagüey Archipelago.

Sandy beaches are found on both coasts also, and despite a large potential for tourism, the province has seen little development in that area with the exception of Santa Lucía beach, on the province’s North coast.

Places to go:

  • IGNACIO AGRAMONTE PARK: The city´s main Square, it is today presided by an equestrian brass sculpture unveiled in 1012 of Camaguey patriot Ignacio Agramonte.
  • SAN JUAN DE DIOS SQUARE: The square is a historical and architecture complex of great value.
  • PLAZA DEL CARMEN: It features the only two tower church of the city and is its second most well-preserved colonial site.
  • GENERAL CEMENTERY: It opened at the city center, in 1814, wich make the oldest in the country.
  • CASINO CAMPESTRE: The biggest urban park in the country it exhibits an impressive collection of monuments.
  • SANTA LUCIA: Distant 120 kilometers from the capital this beach resort is specially recommended for those in search of diving for right next to it is an impressive coral reef. While here, it is a must to visit the Marverde cultural center.
  • SABINAL CAY: With an extension of 335 square kilometers, it has beaches that strech along 30 kilometers of virginal coastline.
  • SIERRA DE CUBITAS: Located 30 kilometers from the capital, it includes among its many natural attractions the Paso de los Perdedores mountain road,the Pichardo, Maria Teresa and las Mercedes caves.

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